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Like many guitarists, I prefer to fingerpick when playing slide, as this facilitates the use of pick-hand muting, or damping, techniques, which are used to suppress string vibration and sounds on strings you no longer want to ring. The great Johnny Winter is a true master of slide guitar in open G tuning as well as other tunings.

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Notice the ongoing use of open strings throughout, which serve to facilitate moving from one string and position to the next while keeping the solo sounding rich and full. At the end of the phrase, I jump up to 12th position and lay the slide across the top three strings at the 12th fret to sound a G major triad, followed by licks that move between the 10th and 12th frets.

As demonstrated in FIGURE 7 , practice sliding down from the 12th to the 10th fret on each string, as well as sliding up to each note. Again, practice sliding into and out of each position with careful attention to achieving good intonation pitch centering.

Learn the secrets of staying and playing in tune

In FIGURE 9 , a G7 chord is sounded without the slide by barring the fret-hand index finger across the top two strings at the third fret while sounding the open third and fourth strings simultaneously. In bars 1—3, I alternate between conventional fretting and sounding notes with the slide. In bars 11 and 12, I outline the V and IV chords, D7, and C7, Muddy Waters—style, by playing a single-note melody that simply outlines the aforementioned chords.

In bar 5, C7 is fretted conventionally, and in bars 9 and 10, D7 and C7 are sounded with useful first-position voicings, after which I return to the I chord, G7, and play some free-style licks utilizing the open strings.

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All Rights Reserved. Fret the fifth fret of the sixth string, the Low E String pictured. Play the fifth and sixth string. Match the pitch of the fifth string to the pitch of the sixth string.

7 Awesome Alternate Tunings

Listen for a beating or pulsating between the two strings. The faster the beating, the more out of tune it is.

Tuning a 7-string guitar | Guitar Lesson World

Adjust the A string until there is virtually no beating. Hold the fifth fret of the fifth string, A string. Play the fourth and fifth string.

Play a lot

Match the pitch of the fourth string to the pitch of the fifth string. Hold the fifth fret of the fourth string, D string.

DADGAD for Dummies (Psst: You Already Know 50 Percent of This Tuning)

Play the third and fourth string. Match the pitch of the third string to the pitch of the fourth string. Hold the fourth fret of the third string, G string. Play the second and third string.